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Carron Dawn Wright is recognised as an original songwriter and unique singer, with a genre all of her own. 

Her voice has been described as hauntingly beautiful and music critics have defined her music as a fusion between Kate Bush and Adele. 

A self-confessed music lover, Carron is never without her guitar and enjoys the idea that a song can connect you with unanticipated emotions. 

Since her debut EP “You Promised” was released with Meridiem Records in early 2013, Carron has received an increasing amount of attention from the music press. 

“You Promised” is a compilation of moments in her life that changed her or forced her to make a decision. Break-ups and promises are underlying themes and the title track “January’s Cold” is about “a relationship breaking down.

Music stole her heart when she was a child and would sit listening to all genres and singing all day whether it was on a beach, field or in her room. She describes home as the place she can think and gather her thoughts. As well as her life in Shropshire, there are also songs about leaving, growing up and starting her own adventures.

Carron Dawn Wright live singer
Carron Dawn Wright Live Singer

Described as a tenacious singer/songwriter she moved to London from Shropshire in 2002 to pursue her career in music.. In 2015 she moved to North Wales but still performing and singing. She possesses a great talent for singing live, whether it is pop, musical theatre or  jazz. Her key influences include Nina Simone, Ray Charles and Kate Bush. By her own admission Carron takes her inspiration from all aspects of her life including landscapes she explores, odd encounters she makes and people she meets, making her style especially unique.

As with most successful artists, Carron is from a musical family and her talent was discovered at an early age. She joined the school choir and was encouraged to perform for the school aged seven, when a teacher noticed her extraordinary voice and affinity with music. Following this Carron began studying drama and musical theatre, taking lead roles in many school performances.

She studied Performance Art at Thomas Telford School sixth form, then went to Blackpool University to train in Musical Theatre. Following this she secured a top west end agent and subsequently performed on stage at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. Carron has since made several television appearances and performed professionally in many musicals including Fame, Oklahoma and The Boyfriend.


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